Valve Replacement & Repair Surgeries

Our heart contains 4 major valves and in principle any valves functis to allow the flow of blood in one direction only and close while blood tries to flow back in synchronisation with the heart beats.

Basically heart valve problems can be structural or functional, Structural problems arise due to abnormal change in the structure of the leaflets of the valve which in turn leads to functional dysfunction in the form of stenosis or leak. Valve can be either repaired, which is usually the case in early stages but if presenting late usually replacement is required. When replacement is is needed it can be done through conventional midline by cutting the breast bone which we do rarely instead we do MICS (minimally Invasive Keyhole Incision). Valves can be of two types viz Metallic valve which is usually reserved for young age and mandatory requirements of blood thinners for the patient. For older age group specially 55 years and above we recommend Tissue valve which is very close to the natural valve and it is made of bovine & porcine tissue and it does not require any blood thinners